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Approved State Assistance is accepted

Approved State Assistance is Accepted. What does that mean?

The Missouri Child Care Assistance 

program provides assistance with payment 

for child care on a sliding fee basis for 

eligible parents/guardians. The purpose of 

the Child Care Assistance program is to 

enable families to gain employment and 

remain employed. 

If you need child care because you have a 

child under age thirteen, or age thirteen or 

older with a special need 


• are working; 

• attend school; 

• are in job training; 

• are disabled; 

• are being evaluated for training and/or 


• have a child with special needs and/or; 

• are receiving child welfare services 

from the Department of Social Services 

(DSS), Children’s Division (CD). 

you may contact your local Family Support 

Division (FSD) office to apply for Child 

Care Assistance. 

Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division

P.O. Box 88 Jefferson City, MO 65103-0088 

TDD: 800-735-2966 

VOICE: 800-735-246